Frequently Asked Questions

"My crosshair is not appearing in-game. What should I do?"
Customers using Crosshair X:
  • Make sure you're using our Xbox Game Bar extension if you plan on running your game in Exclusive Fullscreen mode.
  • Follow the instructions under the 'Exclusive Fullscreen' tab in the application to set this up.
  • If the Game Bar is unavailable for you, please run your game in Windowed Fullscreen or Borderless mode.
Customers using Crosshair V2:
  • Please run your game in Windowed Fullscreen or Borderless mode.
If your crosshair is still not appearing in-game, please contact us.
"Is your software safe to use in games with anti-cheat engines such as EAC or VAC?"

The short answer is Yes.

We’ve built all of our crosshair products with this consideration top of mind. Our software runs completely independent of the games you play instead of intercepting and manipulating the rendering process of games. Our products are also certified by both Microsoft and Steam. For Crosshair X, we provide a safe exclusive fullscreen crosshair overlay by utilizing the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 which is a trusted overlay platform built by Microsoft for gamers. However, it is up to the customer to consider what is fair use in the games they play and are responsible for any damages incurred to their accounts.

  1. Open Game Bar (Windows Key + G)
  2. Drag the pinned Game Bar widget roughly to the center of your screen.
  3. Click off the Game Bar (Windows Key + G)
  4. Use the position setting hotkey (Alt + Shift + Arrow Key) to perfectly align your crosshair in-game.